Ricardo Goni

Bachelor in Law. Universidad Iberoamericana. Leon, Mexico.

Master degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy. Integro. Leon, Mexico.

Medical Biomagnetism, Universidad Autonoma Chapingo, Mexico.

Specialty in Music therapy. Mexican Institute of Humanistic Musictherapy. Mexico.

Specialty in Bioenergetic and Psycho-Corporeal Therapy. INCORPORE. D.F. Mexico.


I am a lawyer by profession, at one point I decided that the law was not for me, then I discovered Gestalt therapy.

Gestalt gave me the experience of working with emotions and physical body, I also started thinking that not all illnesses are cured by normal medicine.

Before meeting  Dr. Isaas Goiz Duran  I  tried many alternatives as acupuncture, osteopathy, traumatology, neurology and many more, this was the first time I saw that a technique could help  to release my back pain without depending on the use of any medicine, this means that after 6 months of treatment, my back was recovered 95%percent. Now I put myself magnets whenever I feel is necessary.

I have dedicated my life to bring health in every different aspect of human experience, the biomagnetism is an important aspect of this due to its versatility and the possibility of treating different illnesses during the same session.


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