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What is a Biomagnetic Pair?

A Biomagnetic Pair is the set of dysfunctional bioelectric charges that are in bioresonance and are related to different types of pathologies, dysfunctions or specific symptomatology. They are formed at the expense of the bioelectric alteration and of pH of the tissues, organs or anatomical structures that support them in the organism, and it is possible to neutralize these charges by means of the direct application of magnetic fields. This last process is called Depolarization.



Wear comfortable clothes, tennis or tight shoes. (Avoid wearing flats, crocs, sandals or heels that can easily get off the foot).
Avoid the use of bracelets, rings, necklaces, piercings or other ferromagnetic materials that can be attracted by magnets to avoid hurting the user.
Seek adequate hydration.
Avoid eating food 30 minutes before.
Avoid drinking energy drinks (coffee, tea, Coca Cola, etc.) at least 2 hours before.
Electronics (cell phones, music players, credit cards, etc.) must be removed.
It is not necessary to shed your clothes.


What are the benefits?

The Biomagnetic Pair technique promotes the following benefits in the body:

1.- Adequate state of energy.
2.- Correct activation of the immune response.
3.- Adequate functioning of organs, glands and tissue repair.
4.- Detoxification.
5.- Reduction of the harmful effects of stress.
6.- Correct metabolic activation.
7.- Reduction of symptomatic processes (pain, inflammation, swelling, burning, etc.)
8.- Adequate vascular tonicity and blood flow.
9.- Reduction of adverse effects in conventional treatments.
10.-Decrease in hospitalization, convalescence and rehabilitation times.


After the session

At the end of a PB scan it is recommended:

Change toothbrush
Eat healthy
Drink plenty of fluids.

* It is recommended to control physical, mental and emotional stress to strengthen the immune system, and thus increase the chances of clinical improvement.


Adverse effects?

Users of the technique may have small healing crises after a scan, which are usually self-limited, occur in 1 in 50 cases, within 24 to 48 hours after the application of magnets and symptoms They are a consequence of the detoxification process, which can be:

Increase in urine production
Increase in body temperature
Muscle pain
Joint pain
Lack of appetite

In case the symptoms are not mild or these or other symptoms persist, it is necessary to contact your Biomagnetist.

How are the magnets you work with?

They are permanent artificial neodymium or ferrite magnets that are used in all types of machines, engines, industries, etc. Its dimensions are:

Ferrite magnets (domino) 5 x 2.5 x 1 cm
Ferrite magnets (inductor) 8 x 1.5 cm
Neodymium magnets (disk) 5 cm x 0.5 cm

They are lined with leather or vinyl to identify their poles. They have an approximate weight of between 100 - 500 g, more than 1000 gauss of power and 4 to 5 kg of separation force between them without covering. They are magnets that are commonly found in cars, refrigerator engines, household appliances and other utensils that we use in everyday life.

The magnets do not represent any harm to health, but it is recommended to avoid the use of magnets with great force of attraction on the face, children and erogenous areas in order to prevent accidents. Ferrite (domino) magnets are the most recommended for the implementation of the PB technique.



Relative contraindications:

Fertility treatments

The PB technique can be applied in these cases by remote tracking.

* Traces can be carried out with the application of magnets directly on users with prostheses, valves or other implants inside the body, as long as it is ensured that they are not electronic or ferromagnetic.

Absolute contraindications:

Unstable health condition

The PB technique has an influence on vascular tonicity and blood flow, so its direct or remote application is not recommended in serious health users, hemodynamically unstable, with data of tissue hypoperfusion, use of vasoactive amines, severe bleeding, conditions of shock, disseminated intravascular coagulation or multiple organ failure.

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