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Technique developed by  the mexican Doctor Issac Goiz Duran in 1988, it works  finding unbalanced pH in specific organs of human body, which are acid or alkaline. By applying the biomagnetic pair technique those organs go back  to a neutral pH. Bacterias, viruses, fungus and parasites can't survive in a  neutral pH. After a biomagnetical  therapeutic session, organs return to their normal functions.

What are the benefits of Biomagnetic Pair?

The Biomagnetic Pair technique promotes the following benefits in the body:

1.- Adequate state of energy.

2.- Correct activation of the immune response.

3.- Adequate functioning of organs, glands and tissue repair.

4.- Detoxification.

5.- Reduction of the harmful effects of stress.

6.- Correct metabolic activation.

7.- Reduction of symptomatic processes (pain, inflammation, swelling, burning, etc.)

8.- Adequate vascular tonicity and blood flow.

9.- Reduction of adverse effects in standard treatments.

10.-Decrease in hospitalization, convalescence and rehabilitation times.



What diseases can be reviewed with the Biomagnetic Pair technique?

The Biomagnetic Pair has high possibilities of providing improvement and quality of life in virtually all diseases, for example:

Infectious-contagious diseases (respiratory, gastrointestinal infections, etc.)

Chronic degenerative diseases (Diabetes Mellitus, Arterial Hypertension, etc.)

Metabolic diseases (Hypothyroidism, obesity, hyperuricemia, etc.)

Dysfunctional diseases (irritable bowel syndrome, erectile dysfunction, etc.)

Autoimmune diseases (Lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, rheumatism, etc.)

Psycho-emotional diseases (Depression, anxiety, attention deficit, etc.)

Tumor diseases (cysts, abscesses, benign tumors, malignant tumors, etc.)

Poisoning diseases (heavy metals, animal bites, etc.)

Genetic diseases (Down syndrome, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, etc.)

Sequelae of the disease (pain, edema, immobility, neuropathy, etc.)




Ricardo discovered the Biomagnetic Therapy through the Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran, creator of the technique, more than 14 years ago due to a back injury,  he noticed the beneficial impact that it had in his body and how  the injury was reduced in more than 50 percent just after the first session .

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